Are you tired of coming back to your computer after a few minutes and waiting while it reconnects to all your services? This happened to me and I ignored it for the first month of having my new “2 in 1” device. Finally, I was tired of everything disconnecting, I monitored remotely for my device to go offline and it was always around 2 minutes before I lost connectivity.

I’ve worked with power settings on many occasions and decided to start there. Below is what my devices basic Power Plan looks like on a new image.

Switching between and configuring all the settings for maximum performance had no impact on my “quick sleep”. So, I jumped into the registry to look for hidden settings. To look over all of our available settings per the device, start below.

I spent the next few hours enabling every power setting one at a time to see what options it gave me and if it would pertain to sleep settings. Eventually I came upon one that activated “System unattended sleep timeout”.

Registry location for unattended sleep

By changing the value of the “Attributes” DWord to 2, the option to adjust the unattended sleep timeout appeared under my sleep options.

With this available, you can now set this to a more reasonable time to make sure it does not impact your work. I adjusted mine to 0 (no timeout) when plugged in, and 25 minutes on battery.